Oats in Fruitshake

I like to eat oats for breakfast. Oats can be made in different forms this morning made oats with some leftover fruits, dates and little milk. Fruits always overpower the oats but I liked it.


1/4 cup – Papaya
1- Yellow Banana 
½ cup – Apple
5 – 10 nos – Seedless Black grapes
4 nos – Strawberry
2- Seedless Dates
¼ cup – Oats
¼ cup – Milk


Chop the fruits and dates roughly. Grind oats to a fine powder. Add the chopped fruits, milk and dates in the blender and blend it until smooth Add oats and blend it again and the breakfast is done!!!

Have not added sugar to it but still it will have its natural sweetness from fruits and dates. Add few chopped fruits for the crunchiness and it tastes heavenly.


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