Herbed frittata and Cuban Oregano, Methi Soup

Today for dinner decided to make a quick and soothing dish for my sore throat.
So plucked few cuban oregano leaves from my balcony garden and decided on a soup with it.Cuban Oregano are small leaves with strong flavor. They have numerous medicinal values and treats especially coughs, sore throats and severe cold.
Also wanted to finish off with the eggs lying in the fridge so decided on Frittata which is an European dish changes done to suit our Indian tastes.
Got the Herbed frittata recipe from microwave cook book.Here it goes..
1 cup – Spinach, chopped
8 – Button mushrooms, sliced
1 – Onion, finely chopped
1 – Tomato, finely chopped
3- Eggs, beaten
1 tbsp- Mixed herbs
1 – Garlic, minced
½ cup – Grated cheese
1 tsp – Red chilli flakes
Salt & pepper
2 tbsp – Olive oil
In a pan add 2 tbsp olive oil, once hot add the onions saute for 2 min then add the tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic saute for 3 mins.

Add spinach, mixed herbs, red chilli flakes, salt and pepper.

In the meantime, beat the eggs until fluffy and add the grated cheese and some pepper powder.

Let the spinach mixture cool. Then pour the egg mixture and spinach mixture into the baking dish and swirl it.

Sprinkle some more grated cheese if required on top and bake in the oven for 4 minutes.

Remove from the oven and slice into quarters and enjoy!!

For the Soup Ingredients:
20 – Cuban Oregano leaves, washed
1 cup – Fresh methi leaves, washed
1 – White onion, roughly chopped
1 – Tomato, roughly chopped
3 – Green chillies, slit
2 cloves – Garlic, minced
1 tsp – Dried herbs
1 tsp – Cumin powder
Salt & pepper

I wanted to add milk but did not add it, because did not want the oreganos natural flavor to be lost.

In a pan add oil once hot add onion, garlic and green chillies sauté them for a minute. Now add tomatoes, dried herbs, cumin powder, salt and pepper. Let the veggies coat the mixture.

Now add the methi leaves and Cuban oregano to it and stir it until it gets cooked approx 2 min. Keep it aside let it cool.

Blend the mixture with bit of water add more water if required and blend it to a coarse paste do not make it very smooth.

Now add vegetable stock to the mixture and boil for 2 min and its ready to serve.

Do not over boil the soup.


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    Kalpana, Thanks f0r dropping in by my space n following, happy to see ur space too, I loved this dish, will give a try soon, Keep goin dear,Happy to follow you too..

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    Thanks Kalpana for ur wonderful comments and following me…Ur space looks so wonderful and nice collection of dishes…Glad to follow u too 🙂

    This dish looks very healthy and yummy !!!

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    What a lovely recipe. Your frittata is a great way to begin the day. I don't have a lot of recipes for the microwave oven, so new ones are always appreciated. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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    Hi Kalpana…first time here and you have a nice blog i must say first of all.

    I got curious about the cuban oregano , it is also called indian borage and in tamil i think it is called omavalli if i am right…. I visited Chennai last month and while loitering through the market i found a flower stall selling the real oregano , when i asked the name he said something i could not understand . Anyways it was dirt cheap and i bought 2 bunches for 10 rs , brought them to our guest house and asked the cook …'murikulumbu' is the name he said and it is not used for cooking according to him….I was so surprised to know that the herb is grown and available in the markets there and many people do not know about it…can you find it around your place? You can grow it in your garden , i am growing a lot of it in my Delhi garden.

    Hope you didn't mind my two paisa worth 🙂

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    Amazing soup and loved the combo of ingredients used. The soup is looking very inviting and would love to give it a try…thanks for stopping by my space !

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    @Sangeetha – Thank you so much for ur patience to share some good info with me let me give a try on looking out for it.I am damn seriously looking for oregano plant in chennai ..let me try me luck..n thanks u again..

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