Match stick citrusy salad n Awards time !!!

The summer has begun and the sun has started scorching us. The best dish for summer is obviously a big bowl of fresh salad and some soothing fresh drink. So, decided to make some salad with fresh veggies n some fruits. It’s a quick fix salad very colorful and tasty too.

Ingredients for salad:
1 – Apple, de seeded and cut into match stick size
½ cup – Cucumber, de seeded and cut into match stick size
1 cup – Green, yellow and red bell peppers, de seeded stem removed and cut into match stick size
1 – Carrots, washed and cut into match stick size
½ cup – Seedless black grapes, cut into match stock size
¼ cup – Green stuffed olives, cut into 4 pieces
1 tbsp – Sweet corn
3 nos – Orange , skin removed, de seeded and torn into small pieces.
½ cup – Tofu cubes, cut in match stick size

Ingredients for dressing:
2 tbsp – Extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp – Orange juice
1 tbsp – White wine vinegar
1 tsp – Honey
Salt n Fresh grounded black pepper

Chop the veggies into desired shapes (I preferred match stick not exactly)

In a pan added 1 tsp of olive oil and added tofu with some salt and red chilli and sauted for 3 min.

Place veggies n fruits in salad bowl and add sautéed tofu and toss with dressing.

I used the above dressing for the salad orange juice gave the citrusy flavor n the tangyness to it!!!

I am sending this to Innovative salad # 2 Fruits by Pia

Awards time!!!!!

I have received two blog awards! It’s a token of admiration from fellow blogger’s. Thank you for sharing the award with me and also for following this space and leaving thoughtful comments.

Also thank for sharing the stylish blogger award!!


  1. says

    Congrats on your awards!Loved your salad its so cooling to the eyes just looking at them.I also liked the ingredients that went into the salad .

  2. says

    சத்தான சூப்பர்ர் சாலட்..அழகாக கட் செய்திருக்கீங்க!!

  3. says

    That is an awesome salad! I heartily support eating fresh salads and fruits at all times. living in Bombay it is like forever summer

  4. says

    it's time for salads here…summer has set in full blaze…

    congrats for the award…and thank you for following my space…will try and be a faithful follwer as and when time permits 🙂

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