Plagiarism Alert n Multigrain Sprouts Fruity Salad n Pomegranate Cooler

Many women’s magazines are published in Tamilnadu. All these magazines offer free 30 dish – cook books to increase their sales value. For this summer many juices/salads varieties are been published with photos in their fortnight issues.

And last week to my shock did found out from one free book all the juices and salad varieties r from different blogs and were published in someone else’s name. Please be aware and ensure that blogs names are tagged in the pictures (From my part have taken steps by informing the bloggers and have sent them the scanned copy of the book)

Now to safeguard our blogs a perfect salad and a cooler!!! Sprouts are high protein providing food but they don’t taste great. So adding them in salad with fresh fruits and veggies always serves our taste buds and also provides the nutrients required. So, decided on a Multigrain sprouts fruity salad for early dinner with some chill thrill cooler.
Ingredients for salad:
1 cup – Mixed sprouts
½ cup – Cucumber, de seeded, finely chopped
½ cup – Green apple, finely chopped
½ cup – Red apple, finely chopped
½ cup – Mango, finely chopped
½ cup – Chickoo, de seeded, finely chopped
10 nos – Green grapes seedless
Ingredients for dressing:
½ tsp – Olive oil
½ tsp – Lemon Juice
½ tsp – Pepper powder
Salt – as per taste
Add sprouts, chopped fruits n veg in a salad bowl and mix well.
Now add the dressing and toss well and serve chilled.
Ingredients for Pomegranate Cooler:
2 cups – Pomegranate kernels
1 tsp- Honey
Few – Mint leaves
1 tsp- Lime juice
In a mixer blend the pomegranate kernels with 1/4 cup water add honey lime juice, mint leaves and blend again to smooth texture.
Remove the seeds from the juice thru sieve and serve chill !!!!


  1. says

    Both the salad and the drink are looking very inviting…perfect to beat the heat.
    Plagiarism is growing very fast..thanks for the info.

  2. says

    That is really cheap and underhand – Thanks for bringing this to our attention Kalpana. The salad is amazing – Love anar juice any time!!!

  3. says

    I am fed up with this Plagiarism..everyday we see our recipes here and particular site is mastering my recipes alone…OOh!!!!

    Recipes sounds delicious..looks so yumm!!

  4. says

    Plagiarism is the most worst side effect of blogging and I am disgusted with it- I wish someone comes with a good idea to stop it once and for all!!

    The sprout salad looks YUM!
    US Masala

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