Tawa pulao, Lentil patties, Brocolli curry n Green Amaranthus raitha

Healthy lunch box packed with required nutrients.
Tawa Pulao is a famous street food of Mumbai n its spicy and aromatic and the unique flavor for this rice comes from the pav bhaji masala n  vegetables.
2 cups – Basmathi rice cooked
1 – Onion
1 – Tomato
Cauliflower, Green Breans, Green peas, Carrot and bell peppers – 2 cups
1 tsp – Ginger garlic paste
1/3 tsp – Turmeric powder
1/3 tsp – Cumin seeds
1 tsp – Red Chilly powder
2 tsp – Pav Bhaji Masala
1 tsp – Lemon juice
2 tbsp – Fresh Coriander, chopped
Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds and roast for a minute add onions and sauté.
Add ginger garlic paste followed by tomatoes and sautes till tomato softens.
Now add veggies and sauté well add turmeric powder, chilly powder, and pav bhaji masala sauté for a minute.
Add rice mix everything and finally add lemon juice and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
Green Amaranthus raitha is a yummy n healthy green which is very high in calcium.
1 small bunch – Green Amaranthus
2 cups – Yogurt
l/2 tsp – Cumin seeds
¾ tsp – Cumin powder
1/2 tsp – Red Chilli powder
1 tsp – Oil
Salt and black pepper(pinch) to taste
Wash the greens remove stems and chop and cook the leaves with very little water. Cover and steam over low heat once done drain the water. Once cold puree the greens and rest aside.
In small pan heat oil fry the cumin seeds, add ground cumin, red chilli powder, salt and pepper and add the pureed greens mixture. Once cold add the yogurt whisk it and serve.
Lentils(patties)are low in calorie, low fat, and cholesterol free food.Lentils are packed with nutrients and folic acid and iron which aids growing children with loads of required proteins.They are also rich in soluble fiber which decreases cholesterol and decreases insulin requirements for people with diabetes. 
Ingredients: (Recipe source Mythreyi’s blog) variations suiting my taste.
1 cup – Green Beans, Black eye beans
2 – Boiled Potatoes
¼ cup – Sweet corn ¼ cup – Carrot, grated
2 tbsp – Corn flour
1 tsp – Red chilli powder
1 tsp -Salt ½ tsp – Black Pepper
1 tbsp – Oil
Soak the lentils for 8 hrs and pressure cook for 3 whistles with some salt.
Drain the lentils and add to the mashed potatoes and mix it well.
Add the vegetables, red chilli powder, salt, black pepper corn flour and mix it well, flatten it as cutlet shaped and pan fry them until they get cooked on both the sides.
Broccoli(curry)is a disease fighter and is abundant in antioxidants. So it is strong in anticancer activity, particularly against lung, colon, and breast cancers. Using broccoli in day to day cooking provides us with “n” number of benefits. 
1 – Broccoli, chopped
2 – Green chillies, chopped finely
1 – Onion medium sized, chopped finely
½ tsp – Mustard seeds
½ tsp – Cumin seeds
¾ tsp – Pepper powder
Curry leaves few
1 tsp – Oil
In a skillet add oil once hot mustard seeds once it splutters add cumin and sauté add curry leaves, green chillies and onions sauté until onion is done.
Add the chopped broccoli, pepper and salt add some water and let it cook with lid covered for 5 minutes its done now.
Sending the complete healthy lunch box meal to “Healthy Cooking Challenge – Healthy Lunchbox” event by Smita and tastejunction
Sending the lentil patties to Fast food not Fat food event started by Priya of NowServing and to vardhiniskitchen
And also to Healthy snacks event by deepthidigvijay’s blog


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    Hey, that's a totally scrumptious spread!! Then again, you always make such mouthwatering delicacies, it's no surprise! I'd love to have those lentil patties in my Iftar menu… and of course the pulao too!

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