MW Mathura Peda n MW Besan Ladoo

Lots of sweets and savories are made for Krishna Jayanthi. Made mathura peda, besan ladoo, uppu seedai, vella seedai, murukku n thattai n offered to the lord (hope he forgives me for the diff shapes). Am sharing both the sweet varieties after a huge search settled with the below method.

Ingredients for MW Mathura Peda:
2 cups – Unsweetened Kova (Ricotta cheese)
¾ cup – Milk
1 cup – Powdered sugar
¼ tsp – Cardamom powder
1 tbsp – Nuts, chopped (did not use)

Mix sugar with kova in a microwave glass ware and cook in high for 6 minutes. Stirring in between every minute.
Now add milk little by little i.e for every 2 min add little bit milk so that they don’t over flow. Mix well and microwave until the milk and sugar is totally dissolved and forms into thick paste and turns golden in color. Mine took 10 min.
Remove from heat and let it cool but not completely. Add cardamom powder and nuts. 
Mix well roll them into round flat pedas. Roll them on powdered sugar.
Ingredients for MW Besan Ladoo:
1 cup – Chickpea flour
6 tbsp – Ghee
¾  cup – Powdered Sugar
¼ tsp – Cardamom powder
1 tbsp – Nuts + Raisins

Mix the besan and ghee in microwave glass bowl. Heat on high for 5 minutes stirring in between for every 1 min.
The mixture will be a brown in color and will have a nice aroma.
Once cooled, add the powdered sugar, cardamom powder and nuts + raisins.
Mix well and then make small round ladoos out of it. 


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    Happy Gokulashtami!! Amazing nevedhyam platter…YUM!!
    Thanks for the MW sweet recipes!! It sure will come in handy…adding it to my list!!

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    Peda and ladoos both looks super incredible and prefect to celebration Kutty Krishna's birthday,beautiful prasadhams..

  3. says

    happy Janmashtamy Kalpana 🙂
    ladoo looks super delicious.. i had heard that making besan ladoo is a task which involves lots of patience… thatsy i didn try 🙂

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