Thrissur Aviyal and Paal payasam(Kerala red rice and sago)

Onashamsakal to all Keralites. Paal payasam with traditional kerala red rice and sago cooked in milk. Traditional Thrissur style aviyal without curd both these dishes were feast to the taste buds. Rather to stand in big ques for Onasadhya few easy n quick dishes prepared at home satisfy our craving needs. Recipe source my colleague from Thrissur.

Ingredients :
1 cup – Kerala red rice
5 cups – Milk
2 tbsp – Sago (pre cooked sago was leftover so used it – not req)
1 cup – Sugar
Pinch of cardamon powder (optional)

Method :

Heat milk in pressure cooker and add the rice to it. Cook in medium flame once the rice reaches 3/4th stage add the sugar and continue cooking. 

Cook on low flame till the milk reduces to half. Approx cooking hrs 1.25 – 1.50 hrs.

Only continuous stirring will yield best results.

Ingredients for Aviyal:
1 – Green Plantain
1 cup – Yam
1 – Carrot
1/2 cup – Potato
2 – Drumsticks
½ tsp – Turmeric Powder 


1 and ½ cup – Grated Coconut 
½ tsp – Cumin Seeds
4 – Pearl Onions
5 – Green Chillies

1 tbsp – Coconut Oil
2 sprigs – Curry Leaves

Cut all the veggies lengthwise. In a heavy pan cook all the veggies with water, salt n turmeric mix well and close the lid. Cook on medium heat. Throw out the excess water if any.

Grind coconut,cumin seeds,onions and green chillies. Once the vegetables are cooked add the ground paste and cook for few minutes.

Switch it off and add the hot coconut oil and curry leaves and close the lid.


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    This recipe is so new to me being a person from Thrissur we can't imagine our avial with out curd.But this sounds like a good recipe for my curd hating husband.Payasam looks so yummy and creamy.

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    Aviyal and paal payasam looks delicious. we make aviyal without any onions while grinding and like to add some souring agent into it.

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    Favorite dishes…I didn't realize that there is a version of avial without yogurt…sago gives a nice texture to the payasam…love it!! Belated Onam Wishes!!

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    I love aviyal, once tried it and love it ever since, but recently havn't made, I'm tempted to make it soon, will try ur recipe, both look yummy…I've shared few well-deserved awards with collect

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    Hi Kalpana, have not see you in a while 🙂 please do miss checking out on my blog anniversary giveaways dear – plenty of prizes to be won 🙂
    Do stop by and I hope you are doing fine! cheers, priya

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    I am a gujju and have never tried out such recipe!
    thanks to bloggers like you who introduce a whole new type of indian cooking to us!
    I am your follower now, may be you can return the favor for some gujju recipes at my blog!

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