Aval Pori Urundai


Aval pori urundai is an must sweet recipe made for Karthigai deepam. Karthigai Deepam is a festival of lamps celebrated during Tamil Karthigai month. Agal vilakku and pithalai viakku are lit in most of the houses in Tamilnadu. 

Its mainly pori urundai which plays another major importance on karthigai deepam.

4 cups – Aval Pori
¾ cup – Jaggery grated
½ cup – Water (just enough to immerse jaggery)
Pinch – Elaichi powder
Ghee to grease hands
In a bowl add grated jaggery and water and let it get dissolved completely.
Using a strainer remove the dirt from the jaggery and transfer to another vessel.
In a small bowl add ¼ cup water and keep it aside.
 In a non stick pan add jaggery syrup and add elaichi powder. Stir it continuously till it reaches the hard ball consistency.
 To check add a drop of jaggery syrup on the bowl which is kept aside, it should not get dissolved in water it should be hard this is the right consistency.
Switch off the stove and add the aval pori and let them get coated completely in the jaggery syrup. Grease the palms and roll into tight balls.
Do the Neivedhyam light the home with n number of vilakku and get the Lords blessings!!!


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