Carrot Watermelon Lemonade

A perfect thirst quenching beverage for this summer!!

What you need:
4 cups – Watermelon, cubed, seeds removed
1 cup – Carrot chunks, skin peeled
2 tbsp – Lemon juice 
2 tbsp – Fresh mint, chopped
1/4 cup – Chilled Water
1/4 cup – Sugar (add less as per taste)

How to make:
In a sauce pan combine water and sugar cook until sugar dissolves and then remove from heat add mint and lemon juice. 

Puree the watermelon and carrots until smooth. Add the sugar syrup if strong add some water refrigerate and serve chilled!!

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  1. says

    A different combination from the usual. I guess the colour of the watermelon turned a shade deeper because of the carrot. I am sure it was refreshing. It looks it.

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