Carrot Soup Recipe

carrot soup recipe
Carrot soup recipe the simplest,quick,one of the best soups i have ever made i guess. It had that gingers zinngg n my SH loved it.
What you need:
3cups – Carrots (skin peeled and roughly chopped)
1 no – Onion (roughly chopped)
1 tbsp – Ginger
2 tbsp – Fresh coriander
2 cups- Veg Stock
2 cups – Water 
1/2 cup – Boiled Milk
1 tbsp – Low cal Butter
1 no – Bay Leaf
Salt as reqd
Ground Black pepper as reqd

How to make:

In a pan heat butter once melted add the bay leaf, onion, carrots,ginger, salt, veg stock and water and cook until the carrots softens for approx 10 mins.
Remove the bay leaf once it cools down puree it until soft return it to the pan add milk and pepper powder boil in medium flame for couple of mins and switch it off add coriander and serve hot!!


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