Healthy and crispy snack a perfect alternative from fried ones. Simple salsa or a dip is a perfect combination. Made corn wheat tortilla chips with simple tomato salsa.
What you need for Tortillas:
1 cup – Maize Flour
1/2 cup – Wheat Flour
1 cup – Water
1 tsp – Salt

How to make:
In a bowl combine flours and salt add water and make into soft dough, flatten them and cook on both the sides.

What you need for tortilla Chips:
4 nos – Tortilla wraps
1/4 tsp – Salt
1/4 tsp – Black pepper

How to make:
Preheat oven to 200 C. Cut into small pieces and sprinkle salt n pepper powder and bake them for 7 – 10 mins or until crispy.
What you need for Salsa:
1 no – Onion, chopped
3 nos – Tomatoes, chopped
3 tbsp – Coriander, chopped
6 – 8 nos – Pickled Jalapenos, sliced
2 tbsp – Lemon juice
Salt as reqd

Mix all of the above and serve this tangy, sharp salsa with homemade corn tortilla chips!!!

Sending this to Mexican Cuisine event hosted by My Food Treasures an event by Erivum Puliyum


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