eggless strawberry mousse

Eggless Strawberry mousse has become my favorite to go dessert at cake shops. Everytime i see these lovelies in the cake shop i jus want to grab them. But due to its high content of sugar n color i always step back. Got a packet of veg gelatin and this was possible with very lil sugar(though).

Strawberry mousse with strawberry sauce was yumm!!

What you need for Mousse:
1 cup – Strawberry
2 tbsp – Sugar

1 tbsp – Veg gelatin
2 tbsp – Warm water
1 drop – Strawberry colour
250 ml – Fresh cream (chilled)
ย What you need for Strawberry Puree:
1 cup – Strawberries, chopped finely
2 tbsp – Powdered sugarย 
1 tbsp – Water

How to make Mousse:
Dissolve gelatin n water and set aside. Mean while puree strawberries with sugar until smooth and add gelatin and cook in low heat until gelatin dissolves (approx 2 mins) and switch it off and rest to cool.

Whip fresh cream until it peaks add drop of strawberry essence and mix well.

Once the strawberries begins to cool add the whipped cream and fold gently and add in the serving bowl.

How to make strawberry Puree:
Mix the strawberries with sugar add water and cook in low heat for 1 min and rest to cool.

Add over the mousse glasses cool it and serve.


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