It’s raining mangoes.. so time for some mango recipes. This is one yumm n simple dessert – vanilla custard mango verrines!!


What you need:
Recipes Inspired from: Veg Bowl
1 cup – Milk

1 tbsp – Vanilla Custard powder 
2 cups – Ripe mango chunks
2 tbsp – Sugar

How to make:
Mix the custard powder in 1/4 cup milk. Heat the rest of milk to a boil with 1 tbsp sugar. Add in the mixture and stir well continuously until they thicken.

Let it cool. Meanwhile prepare the mango pulp by blending mangoes with 1 tbsp sugar or more if reqd without adding water.

Now add custard and mango pulp as you wish till it fills the glass. Cool it. Before serving top with a strawberry n black grape and dust with icing sugar


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