Flower power they call as.. paneer flowers dried ones helps in reducing sugar levels. And available in organic stores. Soak overnite and mix with your any drink.

What you need: 
Paneer Poo – 1 tsp (soaked overnite in 1 cup water)
Nannari Syrup – 1 tbsp (un sweetened)
Lemon Juice – 2 tsp
Water as reqd

How to make:
Discard the flowers and add 2 cups water, nannari syrup, lemon juice mix well adjust water acc to your taste.

Mix well serve chilled!!


  1. says

    Organic stores in chennai stock these or you can get these in naatu marundhu kadai..(traditional old shops which sell meds) do you need specific store name in chennai will let you know soon..

  2. says

    This is avbl in all stores who sell organic groceries..even in english it is written as paneer poo.. I will be visiting the store again shortly will get u more info on it..

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