FRUIT SARBATH (Pazha sarbath)

Chennai’s famous road side pazha sarbath (fruit sarbath) these are sold for max Rs.10 which is kept in huge steel drums and sold by street vendors. Majorly banana is used with some vibrant food color is added but i made use of all the seasonal fruits avbl with no colors. 

What you need for sarbath: 
Mango, Chikku, Ripe Banana – 1 no
Watermelon – 1/2 cup
Pomegranate Kernels – 1/4 cup
Cantaloupe – 1/2 cup
Nannari Syrup – 1/4 cup
Cold Water as reqd

What you need for nannari syrup:
Nannari Roots – 25 gms
Water – 175 ml
Sugar – 125 gms
Lemon – 1 big size

How to make:
Remove the white part in the centre and bring water to boil let it reduce to half and leave it over night and sieve it thru a muslin cloth. 

Add sugar and nannari syrup and allow to boil once it reaches one string add lemon juice boil again and remove from heat, cool and refrigerate for later use.

Mash all the fruits well and bring them together. Add nannari syrup , water mix well and serve cold!


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    I have always seen and admired the serbet shops but have never actually tried them at all. Its a strict no no in my homes. I buy the serbet from the store and make my own at home. This one looks interesting to make it completely from scratch. I had seen Sharmi`s post on making the nannari serbet at home. YUM!


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