Puffed wheat – picked up a pkt for my morning breakfasts but ended up with some guilty munch.. During my recent shopping i picked up 1500 gms of dark chocolate (god knows y i picked up so much) so i want to use chocolate in anything n one such simple bar s tis..it exactly tasted like crackle.

I bookmark almost all recipes of Priya jee… If there’s any ingredient lying in my stock n want to cook em i jus go to my bookmark list search for it and i can ensure i find a recipe for it.. She’s an amazing blogger and i envy her.. This is one such recipe i picked from the bookmarked list..

What you need:
1 cup – Puffed wheat
1/2 cup – Dark chocolate 
2 tsp – Organic Honey
2 tsp – Low fat butter

How to make:
Line baking sheet in a square baking pan, keep aside. Heat chocolate, honey and butter in a pan in low flame once it melts add puffed wheat, mix well once it gets coated transfer to the pan and cool immd for couple of hrs. 

Remove from fridge, slice it and enjoy this guilt free breakfast cereal bar with a glass of natural soya milk..


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    Lol, thts so much of chocolate na, those bars looks fabulous even the melting chocolate bars tempts me a lot.. Thanks for trying sis.

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