“Malaysian Food Festival” at Colony, The Raintree Hotels, kick started on 22nd April and happens till 8th May for buffet dinner from 7 pm till 11 pm tables can be booked @ 044- 4225 2525. The buffet dinner has been priced at Rs. 1450 plus taxes without alcohol and Rs.1850 plus taxes with alcohol.

Colony Restaurant has an aesthetic look,and decor rooting to Old Madras vibes. The pretty wall decor depicting Old Madras Memories few to mention Goli soda bottle, Marapaachi Bommais, Kolam, Drishti Bommai, Filter Kaapi Davara set n more which gives you nostalgic thoughts of Madras.


The simple miniature paddy field set up on the table was the Key highlight of the evening.


I was invited for an exclusive buffet dinner for tasting Malay delicacies, The best part of the food fest is that equal importance was given for Vegetarians too (mee)

For Vegetarians Starters were Tofu Sambal and Banana Fritters (not in pic)


Perfectly fried Tofu tossed in Malaysian Sambal sauce (vegetarian version) with a strong hint of fresh lemon grass made this dish go gaaga over..

Secondly, Salad the amazing platter with freshest of ingredients with bursting flavors.. had up lifted my taste buds.


Jelatah – Cucumber and pineapple tossed with sliced onions, red chilies in a sweet vinaigrette dressing which was full of flavors and a sure winner!!

Kerabu Taugeh – Tender bean sprouts tossed with coconut gratings.. chef recommends..

Both these salads stole the whole show!!

and for the Main Course we had an array of  Vegetarian dishes to go with Steamed Rice.

These dishes were so perfect with flavors which went well with steamed rice. Not much dominant / strong flavors ruled in any of the dishes.


Vegetable Dal curry – Mixed vegatbles in a dal based gravy.

Kobis lemak Putih – Cabbage, carrot juliennes, and tofu cubes cooked in a flavorful coconut based curry which was a sooper hit!!

Kacang Goreng – Simple yet flavorful stir fry of long beans in simple chilli base.

Brinjal Sambal – Yet another stir fry of Aubergines in a simple way.

and to my most favorite meal course Dessert.. i tried the Malaysian specialties which had real hard work in each and every dessert and had unique flavors in them.. irresistible ones not much sweet or heavy on palette.. 


Kuih Ketayab – Pandan colored Pancakes stuffed with coconut filling and rolled in shape of a hat.

Sago Gula Melaka – Sago pearls cooked in coconut milk.

Bubur Pulut Hitam – Black sticky rice pudding, cooked in coconut milk and it has fresh pandan leaves in it for the flavor.

Kuih Lapis – Layered cassava cake, rose flavored tapioca flour cooked and layered.

Live Counter (this should be never missed) – Lempeng Pisang (Banana pancakes) and Famous Ais Kachang (Crushed frozen ice,served with sago pearls, coconut milk and crushed salted peanuts)

DSC_3975 DSC_3973 DSC_3986

Chef Arsi’s specialty Non Vegetarian Malay delicacies – Udang Sambal, Goreng Kunyit, Red snapper Asampadas and Masaklemak Ayam.



Salad Bar with traditional Malay salads with sambal dressings and cincaluk dips, and few of Indian ever green salads like papdi chaat and aloo channa chaat.


Apart from Traditional delicacies few more Indian sweets adorned the dessert counter..

DSC_3964 DSC_4008

and the man behind the Malaysian Food Fest Chef Asri an expat chef with 30 years of culinary expertise who made us fall for the intricate and flavorful Malaysian Cuisine.


I recommend y’all to try this authentic Malaysian cuisine which is an welcome change for food lovers in Chennai. Fresh burst of flavors from herbs and roots makes Malaysian cuisine special. It’s worth the price, given the ambiance, food quality and service.


  1. Swapna says

    That is definitely an amazing spread. I love food at Rain tree and this tops it all :)awesome write up and photos. Makes us want to go there real soon.

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