Jayanti group’s brand On1y (gourmet herbs & spice seasoning) met up with few bloggers in Chennai last week. Had a session on On1y products, origin, sourcing and also sampling on some of their products.

“TWIST THE ORDINARY” the tag line best suits their products. Especially the combos which come in grinders – All purpose seasoning, Tropical Heat, Soup seasoning, Salad seasoning, Roasted garlic and pink salt, Black pepper & pink salt, Meat supreme, Italian seasoning, Fruit seasoning and Black pepper grinders. These grinders are at the top of the jar and comes with a safety cap which keeps the flavours intact.


and coming to herbs – Basil, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Parsley, Chilli Flakes, Mixed herbs and Oregano. Dried herbs packed in a metal body with sprinklers apt for the kitchen use.


On1y specialties are their salt varieties – Pink salt, Sea salt, Black salt. These crystal clear salt varieties are sourced from Himalayas. These are Iron and oxide rich and make a perfect replacement to processed salts in day to day usage.


Samples tested at the meet – Salad seasoning and Fruit seasonings. The best part about the grinders are they do not turn the herbs and spice in to fine powders, they give a bit coarse texture which makes it a sure winner.


Few of their products were tested in my kitchen and my views on the same. Made chilli cheese garlic toasts with Italian seasoning grinder and soupy pasta with vegetables seasoned with soup seasoning grinder, for weekend meet with friends and family. These seasonings made my dishes a total sell out. Quality and pocket friendly On1y products are a sure winner in this food market.


On1y products are available in leading supermarkets across city and can be purchased through online portals and apps too.. For more info check http://www.On1y.in

**These are my personal views about the product. This webpage is copyrighted.

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