MTR TamilNadu Special Masalas

MTR Foods Pvt Ltd With a 90-year old history of serving authentic Indian Food. Culinary secrets that have been protected and handed down over the generations are evolved into truly authentic recipes from their region of origin and packaged in innovative and convenient formats. Every MTR product always embodies the tradition of unmatched taste and quality.

MTR recently organized a meet for Bloggers to demonstrate the authentic taste of the Tamil Nadu special range of Masalas. Chef Damu showcased his skills with TN Special Range of Masalas and cooked off few authentic dishes.

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The specialty of these ranges of masalas is that they are pounded variety masalas which keeps the flavors alive.

MTR has authentic masala’s pertaining to Tamilnadu everyday meal.

Tamilnadu Special Sambar powder

Tamilnadu Special Biriyani masala

Chettinadu Masala

Puliogare Powder

Tamilnadu Special Rasam powder

Curry Powder

Tamilnadu Special Sambar powder:
Traditional home made sambar masala which goes so well for South Indian tiffin varieties and also makes a flavorful sambar sadam. Chef Damu shared his nuances of making perfect sambar for rice and tiffin varieties.

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Tamilnadu special Biriyani masala:

This Biriyani masala is a boon for Biriyani lovers. Simply goes by sauteing onion, tomatoes, ginger garlic, mushrooms, coriander, mint and 2 tbsps of Tamilnadu biriyani masala, rice pressure cooked and it’s done. Wonderful aroma and flavors has gone in to this biriyani masala.


Puliogare Powder:

An evergreen authentic South Indian rice dish. Simply sauteing 2 tbsps of powder in sesame oil and adding cooked rice will not make you miss home food.

Chettinad Masala:

Authentic blend of spices makes this masala a super hit. After sauteing any vegetable (curry) adding a tbsp of this masala brings in all the Chettinad flavors in it. Tried an all time favorite Chettinad urulai masala with this MTR chettinad masala it turned out to be a sooper hit at my place.


All the MTR masalas are economical and on dot flavorful and hits the taste buds. MTR products are available in almost all super markets, grocery stores. It can also be purchased through online portals and apps too..

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