Indian lunch box ideas is one challenging task of every Indian household. “What to be packed for lunch box” is a brain storming job, especially for adults. I prefer my lunches to be easy to eat  like a fully loaded wrap / roll, vegetable loaded mixed variety rice / millet. Non greasy, non spilling, non watery dishes are the key points to be remembered while packing lunches. With the temperature in rise packing a healthy lunch box in less than 30 minutes is made easy with some pre planning.

I prefer stir fries for rotis / phulkas over dals coz that’s easy to eat without any spilling. Inclusion of greens in everyday food is made mandatory at our home and stir fries or sukhe greens with dal works best for lunch box. Super foods, gluten free flours, less oil stir fries are the changes i have adapted in. Some pre planning the menu would ease the morning work.

This Lunch box carries:

Buckwheat and Wheat Phulkas

Mushroom and Methi stir fry

No Onion No Garlic Channa Masala

Salad and Fruits

This makes a filling mid morning snack and healthy meal.

Made few preparations the before night to make the morning rush easier:

1. Prepared the dough and wrapped in zip lock by coating it with some oil and refrigerated it.

2. Clean and washed the methi leaves, mushrooms and packed in zip lock pouch and refrigerated.

3. Pressure cooked soaked channa and refrigerated in air tight container.

For Channa Masala – Blended two ripe tomatoes, one inch ginger to smooth paste. In a pressure pan added 2 teaspoon – Oil, 1 tsp – Jeera / Cumin seeds, 1 – Bay leaf sauted the above added the tomato paste, cooked channa, 1 tsp – Red chilli powder, 1/2 tsp – Chole Masala, 1 tsp – Salt, 1 cup – Water mixed it and pressure cooked for one whistle. Once the pressure is down removed the lid added 2 tbsp of chopped coriander and it’s done.

For Stir fry – In a pan add a tsp oil, splutter a tsp mustard, half tsp – jeera, one sliced onion, one sliced green chilli, sliced mushrooms, methi once the mushroom starts to leave water add required salt, jeera powder – 1/2 tsp, pepper powder – 1 tsp, saute until dry and remove from heat.

For the Phulkas – Gluten free flours are easily available and incorporating the change with the regular flours is the bestest option. Since this was my first try in packing gluten free flour for lunch used half portion, planning to increase the usage by the day.

Take one cup each of buckwheat flour, wheat flour, a tsp oil, one tsp salt mix with required warm water make into dough, roll into thin disc and cook on a tawa on both the sides, remove from heat and apply ghee and wrap in foil paper and place it in the box.

Make some seasonal salad or just sliced vegetables of your choice sprinkle some salt, pepper.

For mid morning snack pack some seasonal cut fruits and top it with flax meal powder and chia seeds.

This easy to make less than 30 minute meal preparation for INDIAN LUNCH BOX IDEAS FOR ADULTS 1 had been a successful attempt and planning to post such quick and guilt free lunch box recipes sooner.

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