homemade mango lemonade

HOMEMADE MANGO LEMONADE DRINK, SUMMER SPECIAL MANGO DRINK Homemade Mango Lemonade makes a perfect summer thirst quencher. The heat in Chennai is in it's peak high and pitcher full of drinks are mandatory for the survival. Alphonso variety mangoes are my most favorite, especially for it's color and it's pulp makes the best … [Read more...]


Gujarati Thali the entire meal can be prepared in less than hour. Choice of veggies are completely left to availability. It has become┬ácustomary to cook mini thali / meals on weekends. On weekdays lunch is packed food which is cooked in the morning and eaten in a hurry by hubby. So i plan a small spread on weekends either a mini … [Read more...]

HIBISCUS TEA freshly brewed

Hibiscus tea freshly brewed, has the power to lower blood pressure and cholesterol to a marginal level. Its rich in antioxidants too. Stems are removed and the flower is boiled with other dried spices which gives a nice color and flavor to the tea. This can be made as hot as well as cold tea. This makes a perfect drink to keep … [Read more...]

Nutella hot chocolate

  Nutella hot chocolate is super yummy, creamy, chocolateyy drink perfect for this winter. I love Hazelnut spread just a spoonful into my mouth ends all my sweet cravings. The temperature has come down and it is chilly and windy in the evenings and the best indulgence would be a cup of hot chocolate, it is made … [Read more...]


Aam Panna is a refreshing summer cooler made using raw mangoes. This drink has great flavors and it's a sooper coolant on the tummy. Neighbor has a huge mango tree and last weekend she hired couple of people to pluck them up and distributed to the whole neighborhood. I had already finished pickling for this season. So decided … [Read more...]