Batata bhaji recipe is a Maharashtrian style dry sabzi. This is a simple dry version of aloo ki sabzi which works amazingly well with rice,¬†indian breads and Khichdi varieties too. The key is that this recipe do not ask for boiled potatoes. Raw potatoes thinly sliced and soaked in water will do until they get on to the pan. … [Read more...]

Pongal Kathirikai Gotsu side dish| Ven Pongal Gothsu Recipe

Pongal Kathirikai Gotsu side dish is one of the best South Indian combos. Gotsu also works well as side dish for South Indian tiffin varieties. Pongal kathirikai gotsu will look most similar to sambar variety but it tastes completely different. Ven pongal and gotsu combo was introduces to me at my Mil's house. She makes the best … [Read more...]


Gujarati Thali the entire meal can be prepared in less than hour. Choice of veggies are completely left to availability. It has become¬†customary to cook mini thali / meals on weekends. On weekdays lunch is packed food which is cooked in the morning and eaten in a hurry by hubby. So i plan a small spread on weekends either a mini … [Read more...]


Cashew pakoda makes a perfect crunchy evening snack with a cup of tea. I am a huge fan of these cashew pakodas, the ones sold in leading sweet shops in Chennai has generous addition of mint leaves and that is the best part of it. The addition of cashews gives rich flavor and crunch in every bite. During monsoon season onion … [Read more...]


Bengali Style Potato egg curry is a Kolkata speciality dish. Recently Mr.H visited Kolkata for his Leadership and Management Programme at IIM for a week. More than the course he kept bragging about the food, espcly about egg dishes. I was bit worried before the trip on how hes going to get accustomed to the food. But this was a … [Read more...]