tea kadai sundal

TEA KADAI SUNDAL RECIPE, CHENNAI TEA STALL STYLE SUNDAL Tea Kadai Sundal recipe is from the regular tea shop where my Husband is a frequent visitor. It's a posh pretty tea stall with sandwiches, bajji and bonda varieties too. Tea Kadai anna makes this in front of us around 3 pm it gets over by 5 pm max. The specialty of … [Read more...]


Corn cheese balls without potatoes make a quick evening snack as well as party starter. Frozen corns makes the job quicker in few minutes. Mozzarella cheese makes a better gooey corn cheese ball. Italian seasonings and some fresh herbs makes it more flavorful. More so over these corn cheese balls recipe does not consume much … [Read more...]

Mumbai Pav Sandwich

Mumbai Pav Sandwich one of the famous street food which is is easy to make at home. It is pav buns tossed in pav bhaji masala and in sandwiched with crunchy vegetables of our choice. This pav sandwich carries the usaul Mumbai style sandwich which has has boiled potatoes, boiled beetroot,onion, cucumber and tomato slices. The … [Read more...]


Eggless ladi pav buns are easy to make at home. These gorgeous pav buns can simply be eaten with tea with generous spread of butter or made into pav bhaji, anda bhurji pav, vada pav, misal pav, pav sandwich and much more.. This is a sure no fail recipe which can be tried by any beginner. Ladi Pav bun recipe / Homemade dinner … [Read more...]

Homemade Caramel Sauce | Caramelized popcorn

Homemade caramel sauce is super fun to make and easy too. This toffee flavored sauce makes a multi purpose sauce it can be drizzled over ice cream, made into caramelized popcorn, toffees, drizzled over cakes, topped on custards and much more. The color of the caramel sauce totally depends on the butter it may vary from lite … [Read more...]