ROASTED BELL PEPPERS SOUP is a low fat soup which keeps us comfortable during winter. Also made low fat creamy coleslaw with the roasted belle peppers soup for lunch. Bell peppers gave a bright color to this flavorful soup. What you need for roasted bell pepper soup: 1 no (each) - Red, Yellow n Green bell Pepper (halved) 1 … [Read more...]

Black Eyed Peas Wild Mushroom Soup

 Black Eyed Peas Wild Mushroom Soup makes my dinner to night. Nutritious creamy black eyed peas and wild mushroom soup for a filling dinner!!   What you need: 1 cup - Black eyed peas (Soaked overnite and cooked for 5 whistles) 1/2 cup - Wild Mushrooms (boiled in hot water for 8 mins) 1 no - Onion (chopped) 2 cloves - … [Read more...]

Carrot Soup Recipe

Carrot soup recipe the simplest,quick,one of the best soups i have ever made i guess. It had that gingers zinngg n my SH loved it.   What you need: 3cups - Carrots (skin peeled and roughly chopped) 1 no - Onion (roughly chopped) 1 tbsp - Ginger 2 tbsp - Fresh coriander 2 cups- Veg Stock 2 cups - Water  1/2 cup - Boiled … [Read more...]


Lemon coriander soup recipe is a fragrant and healthy clear soup. Coriander and lemon makes it so flavorful and fresh and it tops the list in my favorite soup. Inspired from Tarla Dalal soup recipe. Soups which can be made in lesser timings is the most preferred one. Chunky vegetables in a soup works well than the mushy … [Read more...]

Mixed Vegetables Noodle Soup

Mixed Vegetables Noodle Soup homemade. The soupy noodles advertisement always inspired me but doubt to try it.  Its a perfect one for kids who love maggi but dont like veggies. What you need:  1 small pkt - Noodles( used Maggi veg) 1 cup - Mixed Veggies (Sweet corn, Carrot, Green peas, Yellow, green, red bell peppers and … [Read more...]